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Payroll Services

Accounting for Everything Provides strong and reliable payroll services for companies with one to 100 or more full or part time employees.  We accurately prepare your employees payroll, and then prepare all of the forms and deposit amounts for the various tax authorities.

Whether you have full time, part time or day hire employees, Accounting For Everything can provide payroll support and limited 1099 employment payment services.  Many businesses 

We have employee payroll forms that can be filled out on paper and faxed, emailed, or mailed to us for processing.  Before any payroll check is prepared, a complete breakdown, by employee is forwarded to the business owner for approval, and for the appropriate funds to be transferred to the correct account.

We also provide a special secure website to your employees so they may record their hours and information which is then processed by Accounting 4 Everything and forwarded to the business owner for approval before any payroll check is issued.

Our payroll services can give you access to lower cost worker's compensation insurance as well as health insurance rates that may be better than what you are currently paying.

For small and medium sized companies looking to reduce their payroll and healthcare expenses, we offer Employee Leasing, which can save you significant amounts on your payroll and yet provide better employee benefits.  For more information on Employee Leasing Click Here

Our payroll services also offers a complete immigration check to make sure the employee you hire is a US Citizen or has a properly authorized green card.

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