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Forensic Accounting For Divorces Forensic Accounting For Divorces
The sad fact is that almost 50% of marriages end in divorce.  It's also true that many marriages were fractured long before they entered a courtroom.  During this time it is not uncommon for either spouse to hide assets and income.  They may have already figured out ways to move the money out of the country.

For the Spouse who has to locate these assets a Forensic Examination of all accounts must be initiated and with the help of your lawyer we can make an attempt to secure all of the documentation to lead us to the suspicious activity and begin the process of digging out those hidden assets, making for a fair and just divorce settlement.

We start by uncovering disguised income, which may have never been known to the other spouse.  They may have invested the money into a secret investment account or business that only they can access, and it's income is hidden and only payable to that spouse.

Often a business can be made to look like it is losing money by simply creating false or non-existent expenses.  These expenses can also be funneled to other companies that kick back funds to hidden bank accounts.

If the offending spouse owns a privately held business it is very easy to hide assets and income.  A detailed forensic examination of that business can unearth little tricks that result in the dilution or even complete annihilation of net income.  This could lead to an investigation by the IRS or State authorities for Tax Evasion or Fraud, something that can be used as leverage in negotiations.

We prepare complete documentation of what we find and present it to your attorney for use in court and follow up. 

To do a complete Forensic investigation we need subpoena power, which can only be done through an attorney, who must be willing to be aggressive and place injunctions or freezes on various accounts.  Also a special counsel may have to be appointed to manage the financial affairs of the spouse in question, which will give you greater access to financial records, especially when a business is involved.

No matter how nice you think your spouse may be, there is always a possibility they are hiding assets or income and it should not be an issue if a forensic Investigation is conducted.  If they balk at this, then there is a strong possibility they are conducting a fraud and you need to determine to what extent and how it will affect your settlement.
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