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Charity Accounting Accounting for Charities comes in several flavors, each delivering a sophisticated variation that delivers the exact services you require.

Charities must meet the highest financial standards to maintain their credibility.  In addition, there are reporting requirements that must be met in a timely and professional manner.

Basic Charity Bookkeeping Services

The simplest offering enters all of the income and expense items, so a final report can be made for delivery to state and federal regulators, as well as various groups who monitor charities.  These reports are prepared so they may be placed on you website for full disclosure, increasing your credibility, if you so choose.

We also maintain these records on our secure servers so you can access them at anytime.

Secure Charity Financial Services

Many charities lack the personnel and knowledge to handle the donation process.  We can be the receiver of charitable contributions, whether it be by check, credit card, PayPal, ACH, or cash.  All of these funds are deposited directly into the accounts you specify and we prepare a complete list of names, addresses, and phone numbers of the contributors in a database format that can be used to report donations or to build your mailing list.

The contributions are typically reported on either a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, depending on the number and amount of contributions.  Daily and Alternating Day reports can also be prepared if the volume and amount of contributions is considered significantly above average. These reports are emailed and securely posted on a website for ease of access. You determine who is authorized to view the documentation, but we safeguard the data using encryption so even if it is stolen, it cannot be deciphered.

We provide complete payment processes for routine expenses, such as website operation, office rent, utilities, marketing expenses, etc. Each expense is paid only with your permission, and typically presented on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  This assures that you funds are fully accounted for and all bank statements are held within your control.

We can provide payroll services if you choose, which include worker's compensation, employer taxes, as well as all contributions to IRA and 401K accounts.

All of the required documentation for federal and state regulatory authorities is precisely and timely prepared, and submitted to the charity monitoring services you select.

Services are charged on a combination of hourly for labor, and monthly for support services, such as 

When you need accurate accounting with the right attitude, give us an opportunity to present the superior services we can offer your organization.

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